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Explore large Metaverse content in a small physical space with other peers


  • Current AR solutions do not fully utilize the user's physical space.

  • AR content is usually scaled down to fit in the user's physical space.

  • The visual fidelity of the 1:1 model scale is lost.

  • Finding a physical space big enough to display a large AR model can be difficult and costly.

  • Current CAVE and Powerwall environments are expensive to setup and maintain.


  • Exanaview's patented immersive AR technology expands the user's physical environment in real-time to fit a large AR model.

  • Exanaview's technology carves a larger immersive AR space into your real world physical environment, with the AR space being spatially connected like it's part of the real world.

  • Large AR content inserted into the user's physical environment can retain its 1:1 model scale.

  • Multiple remote peers can truly collaborate and work on different regions of a large model in an AR session.

  • Exanaview's immersive AR technology is a cost saving alternative to CAVE and Powerwall environments.

Enterprise Applications





3D Sectioning and Clipping

Supported Platforms


Windows Desktop, iOS (ARKit), Hololens 2

In Progress:

Android (ARCore), Magic Leap 2, Quest Pro, nReal, Mac Desktop, VIVE XR Elite, Quest 3


Varjo XR-3, Lynx R1, Apple Vision Pro

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