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For HoloLens

Exanaview® is the world's first Augmented/Mixed Reality Spatial Authoring App for HoloLens.  Users can create additional rooms and spaces in their live environment to expand the size and dimensions of their environment in realtime.  The created spaces behave as if they truly exist in the real world environment.  The user can select, measure, and place objects on and inside the created spaces.  The target industries for this app include (but not limited to) architecture, construction, facility maintenance, interior design, and Building Information Management (BIM).




Create 3D spaces directly in your real world environment to enhance and expand its dimensions.​

Real world view (left) shown in white box in Mini Map view (right)

Mini Map View

Create beyond the physical limitations in your real world environment using the Mini Map view.  Explore up close authored Augmented/Mixed Reality content in the Mini Map that's difficult or impossible to reach in the real world environment.​


Measure length, area, and distance and easily convert between all the major units (Kilometers, Meters, Decimeters, Centimeters, Millimeters, Microns, Nanometers, Inches, Feet, Yards, Miles, and Mils).​



Save your work directly to the device to reload and work on later.​

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